Sunday, September 12, 1999

Youtube Building Videos

How an AK-47 Works

Buildyourownak on Youtube ( ) has the most complete collection of videos on building an AK. I highly recommend his DVD in the first section of this blog. They cover almost every aspect of an AK build. The DVD has hi res versions of each video. Here are the low res versions he's posted on Youtube:


  Barrel Removal

Bulgarian Rivets

Checking Headspace

Demilling Trigger Guard

Drilling Front Trunnion Holes

Drilling Out Old Rivets

Drilling Rear Trunnion Holes

Drilling Scope Rail

Fitting and Riveting Mag & Trigger Guard

Pressing Front Trunnion Rivets

Pressing in the Barrel

Pressing Rear Trunnion Rivets

Pressing Front Trunnion Rivets

Pressing Out The Barrel

Reinstalling The Barrel Pin

Removing Reciever Stubs

Riveting The Scope Rail

How to Bend a Receiver

Review of NDS-2 Receiver


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