Thursday, September 16, 1999

The Complete Guide to Building an AK 47

This blog will teach you how to build an AK 47, by yourself, in your garage, with a minimal amount of tools, ak parts and knowledge - LEGALLY.  Not a full auto, pull the trigger and dump an entire mag type.  (That's not legal.) But a semi-automatic version. That fires once every time you pull the trigger.

It's completely legal to build your own "legal" firearms at home. As long as you do it YOURSELF. Meaning no one else can help you physically. And you follow the rules of making ONLY legal, semi-automatic firearms. Using your own ak parts.

(The various sections of this tutorial include simple methods that might be used if you had a minimum of tools. Other methods are more sophisticated, might have been developed after some of the older simpler methods, but may require more advanced tools. At the minimum you need a drill and some BIG hammers. But preferably a 12 ton press from Harbor Freight.

For a complete step by step tutorial I would highly suggest contacting for his excellent Word and .pdf file tutorials. And (buildyourownak on youtube) for his incredible video build tutorials.)

I built the rifle in the picture above. (And several others pictured in this blog.) With a minimal amount of tools. Over the course of a few days. It was probably one of the most satisfying accomplishments of my life. How many guys can say "I built an AK47 with my bare hands."?! Not many. But probably more if they only knew how easy it was.

Builders in the Khyber Pass on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border have been building them for decades. With nothing more than hammers, files and a little ingenuity:

The AK 47 has been the most successful assault rifle of all time. It's medium to large caliber has great stopping power and it's simple design insures that it works EVERYTIME. In EVERY environment:


The following posts detail links and information regarding building your own AK 47. I hope you'll have as much fun and satisfaction as I have building my own AK 47's from parts. But please follow your own state and local laws concerning firearms. And be safe.



  1. i am wanting to build a ak and chamber it in 308 with a heavy bull barrel in hopes of better acuracy is there a better ak brand to buy or build from a parts kit or am i looking to build somthing to technical for a first build any help would be great

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