Monday, September 13, 1999

Building Instructions

922r Compliance:

In order to stay within the law your AK can not have more than 10 foreign made parts in it. Here are two easy calculators that explain regulation 922r and make it easy to figure out which parts you want to replace with US ones. Alot of the typical parts replaced are parts you'd like to replace anyway. Some common ones are the trigger group which makes up alot of parts towards your 922r compliance. And the piston. But my advice is to skip the piston replacement if you can. And replace something else that can simply be dropped in. Like a muzzle break or magazine component:

Building Instructions:

There are many different ways to build the many different AK variants. But most methods are applicable across the different types. My advice is to read as much as you can about the different build techniques. So that you can choose the ones that are right for your tool and skill set. There are basically two different types of AK's - milled and stamped. Milled is a receiver that has been cut from a solid block of metal. Stamped has a receiver made from bent sheet metal. You'll probably be starting with the latter. Further, most countries standard issue military AK47's are very very similar in construction. With the exception of Hungarian. And especially Yugoslavian. (Which isn't bad. The Yugo is arguably the strongest AK made. As it starts with an RPK trunnion. And all around beefier components.)

The main difference in your build will be stamped versus milled. And standard AK vs Yugo. And whether you use rivets or screws to attach the receiver together with the rifle. 

With a stamped build you will be starting with a replacement stamped sheet metal receiver. (Or building one from scratch - also called building from a "flat".) Or you will be welding a milled receiver back together. Or starting with a new milled replacement receiver. Then you will either be attaching your receiver with rivets (the traditional way) or with screws. I prefer rivets. But you'll have to decide that on your own:

Build an AK from two different perspectives

Project guns
Building a receiver from a flat:
AK building notes

Romanian AK info

AMD-65 build

FCG removal

How to polish the FCG

How to remove furniture

How to use a trigger guard Jig

AK receiver bending

All-thread barrel install

How to make an electronic bore cleaner

Rust bluing

Hot bluing

AK-47 parts diagram

Templates for receivers and tooling/jigs

AK barrel reference dimensions

Tap/drill reference chart

How to load a 75 rd chinese drum magazine
Adjust a side mount optics clamp

AMMS pivot pin fix

How to fix Trigger slap

How to build a bullpup

The 555th receiver flat bending jig

AK-47 bolt disassembly

Arizona Response Systems  - This collection of build instructions are incredible:

Headspacing information

CIP website

SAAMI website
How to check headspace .doc
How to check headspace video
Resetting headspace with oversize barrel pins

Headspace reference guide:

Trunnion hole location trick:

Put masking tape over trunnion and mark it with side of pencil:

Center-punch holes

Remove tape

Drill very small pilot holes

Open your holes


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