Sunday, September 5, 1999

1970 Romanian Build

This is my latest build. Started with a 1970 Romanian AK 47 parts kit. Non-G! Which means original military full auto AK 47 parts kit to start with. In semi now of course. I'll get into Romanian G vs Non G in another post. Suffice it to say Non G is better than G. I usually tend towards the BFPU type build. But this one turned out so nice with the black oxide finish I couldn't resist putting some new wood I had on it. And making it look as nice as possible.

Was gonna try to dye the wood blond. Decided against it. I'll do blond on another build. Black oxide finish turned out nice. Light steel wool polish or it would be even darker. Gotta start dyeing my own slings. Didn't want to put an old nasty one on this build. It looks to nice. IMHO of course.

Patrick Moab Copyright 2010 Legion Arms

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