Monday, September 6, 1999

1965 BFPU Build

For those that don't know BFPU means Battle Field Pick Up. It's basically building any firearm to look as if it were just picked up off the battle field. Or an original antique/worn look. This is a BFPU built on a mismatched M65 Romanian AK47 parts kit, 1968 triangle arrow trunnion, Nodak receiver, old incorrect sling (Hungarian?), hardwood hg's and pg. It's the same one on the cover of my website and the first post of this blog. The UF is a unique early Romanian milled version (best of the 3 or 4 types that came out of this year). Gas block has a flat bottom (different from standard - not sure what it means - earlier?). Yugo M64(?) mag.

I used emory clothe and 0000 steel wool to age it. BLO on stock bfpu wood. Wood took some fitting. Filled in the cut areas with magic marker stain. Love that stuff.

And it's CA compliant! Can't even see the mag lock, ten round mag mod, or the locked out UF stock.

Patrick Moab


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